Forged in Fire

A lot has happened since my last post, so let me summarize. We woke up to the smoke alarm on March 24 at 2:30am. Our apartment was filled with smoke, and there were flames at our back door. We grabbed the cat and a few essentials and got out. No one got hurt, but if […]

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Progress on Spaceball 1

It took a full two weeks for the US Postal Service to deliver the bill of sale and title we needed to register the van, and to make sure it was really genuinely legally ours before starting our build. I laid the groundwork for our future YouTube channel, and posted a van tour video of […]

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Interview With Momma Badger

Momma Badger, a.k.a. Angie of The Badgers, recently interviewed me about my work for RideApart, as well as my own story of how I got into motorcycles, what kind of writing and riding I’m doing, and more. I met Angie and Sonny when I did an article on their website,, for RideApart. It’s a […]

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And So It Begins…

I got a battery, then got a ride out to Derry, NH to pick up the van. (Thanks, Karen!) I installed the battery on site, started it up, and drove it home. It ran a little rough, even triggering a check engine light at one point, but after sitting for so long I’m sure things […]

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Where Has Summer Gone?

It’s only been a few weeks, but the chill of autumn is in the air. Mornings have gotten cold, too cold for me to ride the KLR to work with no wind protection. Since my Honda PC800 hasn’t sold yet, I expect I’ll start commuting on that until temps dip below freezing. I don’t like […]

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