Sturgis Was Awesome

The five days, of which two were travel, were a whirlwind tour of another world — one where motorcycles outnumber cars and biker culture rules. It was also an amazing place to ride, with something for everybody even if you don’t ride the American cruisers that make up 99% of the population of this event. […]

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Bike Night

Each Wednesday night a motley crew of bikers meets up at Union Coffee in Milford, NH. I love this particular bike night not only because of the friendly people, but the wide variety of bikes that show up. You name it, it’s there – Harleys new and old, modern sport bikes, classic Japanese UJMs, dual […]

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Giving YouTube another shot

I’m still out of work, but I’ve decided to use some of my extra spare time to try restarting my YouTube channel. I’ve got a few different video series in mind. Here’s the first. Unlike most of my videos, which are geared (heh) toward enthusiasts, this one is for the non-enthusiast to learn certain basic […]

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