Here We Go Again

It happens all the time these days, and it just happened to me again. I got laid off from FIXD last week. I’m doing okay. ADVRider is throwing me some more work. I’m already in touch with a couple of other websites about writing for them. Even if that wasn’t the case, between severance, unemployment, […]

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Another Very Sporadic Update

A lot’s gone on, and I’ve been very bad at posting updates here. Since the last time, I’ve traveled all the way up the Pacific coast to Washington and spent a lot of time in Oregon. I went to Overland Expo PNW, enjoyed camping out for the weekend, and did a bunch of networking. To […]

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Smokey Da Van

It seems I’ve been so focused on building up Smokey Da Van — the website, the YouTube channel, the Instagram, the Facebook page, the Twitter, and the cat’s Twitter — that I completely forgot to come back here and mention what I’ve been up to. Pretty much all of my creative efforts that haven’t been […]

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