It’s been a while since I’ve updated this, so here’s what’s been going on.

Now that I’m back on my feet again, I’ve started to take more trips in my camper van. I’m getting serious enough about this #vanlife thing that I’m starting a new venture, The Pirate Van. So far I have a new Instagram account and a YouTube channel that will focus specifically on van life content, from my adventures to how I built out my van to how you can do it, too. I’ve also added a new The Pirate Van page to this website that will become the central repository of all knowledge about the van. It’ll have a complete list and links to everything I’ve built, installed, and used in the van. Even more outlets may eventually follow as well.

I have now been working my day job from home for six months, with no end in sight. After long deliberation, I decided that it was no longer worth making payments on my Subaru WRX if I wasn’t driving and enjoying it. I could afford it just fine, but why do it if I don’t have to? I thoroughly enjoyed the car, but I sold it to Carvana a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, I picked this up at auction. It’s a 2005 Mazda 6. Nothing fancy, but everything (except maybe the AC) works, all for less than two payments on the WRX. Why such a deal? It has a 5-speed manual transmission. Most people who drive mid-size sedans don’t want to shift their own gears, so in the auction world this is a very undesirable car. Not for me, though! I put in a lowball bid just in case, and much to my surprise I won it. If I should start commuting to the office again, this is how I’ll do it. If not, it’ll be so much cheaper to run and own than the WRX. It also means I don’t have to drive the van everywhere. That’s a relief for grocery shopping, fuel economy, and overall driving fun. This car was built back when Mazda advertised that they put a little sports car into everything they make. Its 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine isn’t that quick in a car this size, but it handles so much sharper than the average Camry or Accord, and being able to row my own gears makes this kind of fun.

I’m going to try to re-up my YouTube game. Again. I just haven’t been inspired to make videos. I didn’t even shoot any video during the week-long van trip through New Hampshire and Maine I took last week, though I journaled the whole thing and got plenty of pictures. My YouTube game plan is to start The Pirate Van with a few videos already in the can, release one a week, and keep making more as I’m able. Meanwhile, my existing channel will be for pretty much everything else, on a sporadic release schedule. It’ll essentially be my no-pressure secondary channel for The Pirate Van, with bonus extras as well as stuff that has nothing to do with #vanlife, like motorcycles. There will definitely be some crossover as well, though.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the past month and a half. I’m pleased to report that I’m walking with no difficulty or assistance these days. My formerly busted foot is probably back to 95% of its original capability. I overdid it a little bit scrambling over rocks at Acadia National Park last week. Other than that, I’m doing great. It’s just too bad that fall is right around the corner and all these fun activities will have to stop before too long. Or perhaps migrate to a warmer climate…

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