Solo Van Trip and Other Updates

Time flies when you’re having fun. My formerly broken foot recovery kicked into high gear in July. I’m now walking without assistance, though for shorter distances than I used to. I just need to keep exercising it to rebuild the muscles that slacked off for the past few months.

Now that I’m self-propelled again, I took my first van trip by myself in July. I headed up to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom to stay at Wayward Pines farm, a place I found on Hipcamp. Thanks to WiFi, I was able to keep up with my weekend RideApart writing while relaxing and getting away from it all, thanks to the Jackery 240 battery pack I recently picked up. The van worked great, both mechanically as a vehicle and functionally as a tiny home. It did inspire me to make a few additional customizations, which are already in progress for the next trip.

As you can see, I’ve changed the look of this website. I’ve been helping fellow New Hampshire motovlogger Kaptain Granite get his own website off the ground, and decided it was time for a change myself. I’ve also made the header images a bit more current, since I no longer own the Honda PC800 featured on the old site.

I’ve been toying with some other ideas and projects as well, but they’re not quite far enough along for me to talk about yet. Some unexpected changes in my personal life (nothing bad) have slowed me down a bit, but I’m finally starting to regain traction and move forward. I also want to take another van adventure soon. It’s the time of year for it, and even though the ‘Rona ruins everything, there are still places to camp. I’ve just added a trailer hitch to the van, so now I can bring my motorcycle with me to places that would’ve been too far away to ride a dual-sport comfortably before.

2 thoughts on “Solo Van Trip and Other Updates

    1. I love this. Our governments may be at odds with each other, but we’re really not so different, you and I. We both want the same thing, to travel, explore, and enjoy our world.

      I’m building a YouTube channel where I’ll show you how, once you get your van, you can customize it to your needs without spending much money, not like those $10,000 van builds all over Instagram. 🙂


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