Tire Tread Monitoring System?

I haven’t written about cars in a while, but I still get info and press releases pitching articles for me to write. I got one yesterday that I found rather interesting, and would have written about if I was writing for someplace that would publish it. Now that the embargo has lifted, I can talk […]

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Moving On

My time with RideApart is at an end. I’m quite proud of the work I’ve done for them over the past two and a half years, two of which were as the weekend writer. Highlights include attending and reporting on the New York International Motorcycle Show, documenting my journey into dirt riding, and of course […]

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Progress on Spaceball 1

It took a full two weeks for the US Postal Service to deliver the bill of sale and title we needed to register the van, and to make sure it was really genuinely legally ours before starting our build. I laid the groundwork for our future YouTube channel, and posted a van tour video of […]

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The Salty Van

The Pirate Van is no more. Considering how many repairs it’s needed this year plus the breakdown after the RallySprint, I decided that this particular van is not suitable for extended travel, which is exactly what I want to start doing. So I sold it to someone who will continue to use it as a […]

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