Phase 2

I did all the work on the van I could do myself. I got a recommendation to a reputable local shop to do the rest – parking brake, ABS sensor, and the inspection. It’s all done, and it’s legal, ready to hit the road!

Perhaps the timing is fortuitous, with life basically canceled for the foreseeable future thanks to COVID-19. I’m fine, and working my day job from home until further notice, like 95% of the company. As long as I have an internet connection, I can work, so if the van was actually prepared to the point I want it to be when I’m done, I could work from practically anywhere. But I’m not there yet, and society hasn’t deteriorated to an apocalyptic bug-out level. Plus, my bike is still in winter storage, and what better apocalypse vehicle is there than a Kawasaki KLR650?

The van would benefit from an oil change and front shock absorbers, but it’s roadworthy by the standards of the State of New Hampshire. That means the project can now move into phase 2, which is outfitting the interior of the van to fit my needs. I’m going to start with the bed, since no matter what else I do I’m going to need a comfortable place to sleep. I’m pretty thrilled to move on to this part of the project. I’m actually going to be making the van better for myself, rather than making it good enough for the state. Both needed to happen, and in the order they did, but this part is going to be a lot more fun.

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