Is This Thing On?

It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? I just realized I haven’t updated this thing since September, so I figured I’d better post an update.

Winter sucks.

OK, I guess I should write more than that. It’s been a rough winter for me in many ways. My bike is in winter storage, out of the elements but unavailable to ride on the occasional nice day. The only new stuff with the car is a different ham radio, an Apple CarPlay head unit, and many small dents from falling acorns in my assigned parking space. Yes, I’m bitter.

My life has been consumed by things like getting rid of my old house, work, and maintaining the will to get up in the morning. Nearly everything I do for fun has been off the table these last few months, due to either weather or financial concerns (houses eat money, especially when you’re trying to get rid of one). I’ve been able to do some plotting and planning, but that’s about it.

Once the KLR is back in my spare parking space, it will get some additions. It will finally get the extra lighting I meant to install last fall, but didn’t because of bracket fitment issues. I’m finally entering the 21st century with a motorcycle GPS rather than just using my phone. A friend graciously gave me her old hard bags last year, so I’ll be replacing the soft bags that came with the bike once I buy an appropriate rack to mount them. I also need new tires and brake pads, which aren’t a big deal.

The WRX needs new summer tires. That’s about all I have planned for it.

Once the house is gone, though, I plan to start working toward my new project: a camper van. I’m not prepared to dive head first into full time #vanlife, but it would be nice to do some traveling without worrying about where I was going to camp, the cost of hotels, and such. Moto camping is all well and good, but so is a real bed with real amenities, even if confined into the space of a van. I won’t be forgetting the bike, though. I plan to bring it with me, using the van as a home base while exploring the areas I travel to on the bike. It’ll also be great for working rallies, and for just general travel, with or without the bike. I’ll be detailing this process on YouTube for all to see, laugh at, yell at me for doing it wrong, etc. I have a plan for all this, and I’m looking forward to actually putting the plan into action.

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