Suddenly, I’m Going To Sturgis

Thanks to a strange chain of events and an accommodating day job, I’ll be going to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally during the first week of August. Yeah, I’m surprised, too. Big biker rallies like this aren’t generally my thing. I don’t even attend local Laconia aside from the occasional side event like the Mt. Washington Ride to the Sky. But South Dakota Tourism and the Buffalo Chip are bringing me out to South Dakota to show me what the biggest bike rally in the world is all about.

Though I’ll be covering Sturgis primarily for RideApart, I’m also planning to shoot a bunch of video there for my YouTube channel, which I’ve already started trying to bring back from the dead. While sitting dormant it passed that all-important 1,000 subscriber mark, and thanks to my old bike review videos boosting the watch time, my channel is now monetized, which gives me more incentive to keep it going. Sturgis should give me a ton of topics for both articles and videos to last me quite a while, not to mention a ton of networking opportunities. I’m looking forward to it.

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