It’s like the same thing, only different

I’ve really enjoyed writing for RideApart. Getting to nerd out about motorcycles and get paid for it has been great. I nerd out about motorcycles regardless. Plus the staff is a great crew of like-minded biker nerds to geek out with on our Slack chat. I really didn’t want to drop the daily writer gig to go back to a full-time day job. Unfortunately, finances and a lack of finding additional freelance writing gigs forced me to do it.


The new job is good. I work with a good crew in a good company with good management. It’s an environment where my documentation is valued, not grudgingly included as an afterthought. OK, yes, and the free craft beer after hours is a perk that seems included specifically for me. It’s interesting stuff, but it’s not what I’m passionate about. Things that go, among other things, are what I’m passionate about, and have built up somewhat of a sideline career doing.

RideApart didn’t want to lose me, either. After all, during the three months I wrote daily for them, I learned the ropes, their style, what they want, and all that good stuff. Suddenly, they needed a new weekend writer. We talked, and I accepted. After all, I was already fully trained, and they could just throw me into the fray immediately.

Immediately starts today. Fortunately, I can write ahead some, too, so I don’t have to spend all day every weekend day slaving over a computer organizing my motorcycle thoughts into coherent 1s and 0s. That’s how I’ll be publishing content while at tomorrow’s SCCA RallySprint in New Hampshire.

It’s not my dream of making a living by geeking out about cars and bikes. But it’s something. It’s fun. It keeps me in the industry, and part of the fun crew at RideApart. Plus I can still pay the bills.

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