Another Day, Another Nor’easter



Winter is lingering on and on and on. The bitter cold of December is long gone, but after tomorrow we will have gotten more snow in the past week than the entire rest of winter.

Obviously, the motorcycles aren’t on the road yet. My wife’s Suzuki Savage, which I rode at the end of last season, is ready to go back on the road if it ever stops snowing, which it hasn’t. My own Honda Shadow has not yet had its broken shifter shaft replaced due to a lack of available funds. And the Jetta Ute is buried badly enough that my current extraction philosophy is “wait until spring.”

That leaves just the WRX to play with, though the only modification it’s received lately is reinstalling its original 194 bulbs in place of the LEDs I got $9 for 10 on Amazon. Most of them have started flickering, and while it’s an interesting look I doubt they’ll pass state inspection, which is due this month.

I do have one toy to play with, a Uten HD dash cam that they were kind enough to send me. I haven’t gotten much driving in to actually test it, but I installed it this past weekend and am using it now. Look for a full review at The Drive.

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