Should Three-Wheelers Require Helmets?


This topic came up as a suggestion in an editors’ meeting at The Drive. When they threw it out to contributors, I snagged it. I’d already done a great deal of research into the unique mish-mash of laws surrounding three-wheeled vehicles that sometimes conflict with each other, as well as common sense. Should the occupants of three-wheeled vehicles be required to wear helmets?

In the case of the Elio, which is an enclosed car with one less wheel, it would be pretty ridiculous to require a helmet. Forty-nine-and-a-half states agree (only Maine requires them for people under 18). In the case of a Harley trike, I wouldn’t get on one without a helmet. What about the Polaris Slingshot? Vanderhall Venice? Morgan Three-Wheeler? As the Facebook relationship status says, “It’s complicated.”

I’m rather proud of this one. Since it got tucked away in the Motorcycles category at The Drive I hope some people see it who might not ride a two-wheeler but would ride/drive a three-wheeler.

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