Forged in Fire

A lot has happened since my last post, so let me summarize. We woke up to the smoke alarm on March 24 at 2:30am. Our apartment was filled with smoke, and there were flames at our back door. We grabbed the cat and a few essentials and got out. No one got hurt, but if […]

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FIXD What Ails You

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined the team at FIXD, specifically writing automotive repair and diagnostic articles for their blog. They offer an OBD2 scanner and app, and my contribution will be toward documenting both general and specific issues and repairs related to that. Best of all, it’s fully remote, which will enable my […]

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Tire Tread Monitoring System?

I haven’t written about cars in a while, but I still get info and press releases pitching articles for me to write. I got one yesterday that I found rather interesting, and would have written about if I was writing for someplace that would publish it. Now that the embargo has lifted, I can talk […]

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Moving On

My time with RideApart is at an end. I’m quite proud of the work I’ve done for them over the past two and a half years, two of which were as the weekend writer. Highlights include attending and reporting on the New York International Motorcycle Show, documenting my journey into dirt riding, and of course […]

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