Oppositelock was a Jalopnik user community on the Kinja platform for many years. It’s where I got my start as an automotive journalist. From time to time back in the day, particularly good content from Oppositelock would get reposted to the Jalopnik front page. I decided to try my hand at writing something good enough to qualify for this, just on the off chance that maybe, someday, I could be featured on Jalopnik. It worked. Then it worked again. And again. And again. It became a regular thing, and soon I made a sideline career out of it.

Unfortunately, the original Oppositelock community was nuked out of existence on November 16, 2020. A lot of great content no longer exists as a result, including my own. (The community still exists. Browncoats unite. Can’t stop the signal.) I was able to panic save a few of my first articles that made it big as the nuking began. I’ll be publishing them here as I have time and get them formatted correctly.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I also republished this one on the Northeast Rally Radio Club (W1RLY) website: