My Rides

Here’s the current fleet.

2005 Mazda 6


I picked this up at auction for $750. No, I didn’t leave a digit off that price. What’s wrong with it? It’s a bit dirty. The battery was dead, but that was just from sitting. Driving it around charged it and it holds. The biggest “problem” with this car is that it’s a mid-size sedan with a manual transmission. The general car-buying public doesn’t want to shift their own gears. I lowballed a bid on this car just for fun, and much to my surprise I won it. So for less than two payments on my WRX, I own this car outright.

2005 Kawasaki KLR650


When I moved to New Hampshire, I was scared to ride half the roads around me because they were gravel. The PC800’s bodywork is over 20 years old, made of brittle plastic, and difficult to replace if I drop the bike and break it. And now, for something completely different. This bike will handle everything I want to throw at it. I’ve never been a dirt rider, so this bike will help me learn. It’s a new chapter in my riding career.

2004 Ford E250 Extended Wheelchair Van

This is my current project and future home on wheels. While the Dodge was a good weekend van (when it worked), this van has no mechanical issues except the usual rocker panel rust — hence, The Salty Van. Additions are many, and include a bed, cabinets, a complete 12-volt electrical system separate from the vehicle battery, propane heater and stove, running water, and a composting toilet. See the build progress on Instagram, and subscribe to The Salty Van on YouTube to check the entire build process and our future adventures.